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Bespoke Log Homes Built to the highest of standards, with the finest Finnish Timber.

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What we do

Log Mobile Homes, Log Homes, Farm Log Buildings, Leisure Log Buildings, Log Cabin Homes


Finlog have been in the specialist field of log homes and mobile log homes for over 25 years. Our experience spans three generations. Supplying and constructing log homes and mobile log homes is a very specialist craft and Finlog have the experience to bring your plans to fruition, be it log mobile homes, log homes, commercial log buildings or an individual log home. 

With our experienced teams we can construct handmade log homes or machine made log homes in round log or flat log, ranging from 88mm to over 300mm thickness. All Finlog log homes and log mobile homes are completely unique. Finnish log homes are the norm in the countryside in Finland with many lasting centuries, the oldest log home in Finland is over 600 years old! 

Finlog have recently updated their production facilities to the latest standards. So every Finnish log home or log mobile home leaving the factory has been through the same rigorous quality control. If you choose a hand scribed log home or hand notched mobile log home, these are constructed using centuries old techniques and craftsmanship. 


  • Established 1999 and gaining a growing reputation ever since.
  • Only UK company with their own Finnish factory.
  • Family business with a central England office and show homes across the UK.
  • We can carry out complete builds, part builds or self builds.
  • Designers of the original twin ridge transportable log building.
  • Square, round or hand scribed logs from 70mm right up to 350mm..
  • Full planning, building regulation/warrant service.
  • Endless guarantee available.
  • Over 300 buildings in the UK now built.
  • Four generations of logging experience.
  • We take on contracts worldwide, as far away as Tahiti and Dubai.
  • All buildings featured on our website are all genuine Finlog buildings, and many can be visited by appointment.

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