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At Finlog we are very proud of our transportable log homes. We were the company that designed the first double ridge system that so many others have now copied. Our transportable log homes have been proven by law to comply with BS3632 ‘Definition of a mobile home’. In fact our homes far exceed the insulation values stated in BS3632.
Finlog can, on completion of your log home, quote you on the cost of the 5 yearly re-coat, if Finlog apply your re-coat we will then continue the guarantee for the next 5 years. You can continue this for as long as you like and the guarantee is transferable if you ever decide to move home.
Our standard transportable uses an 88mm laminated log with the all-important 8 part rafter roof system that can have up to 200mm of insulation installed.
Double or triple glazed, Norwegian or UK made and specification doors and windows help to make our buildings the very best available. Have a look at our ‘what our customers say’ and you will find we have asked some of our clients to give us their views on their Finlog mobile homes.
We have a large range of plans to choose from but most customers choose to design their own, or at least change the standard design to their own requirements.
Please remember you can build your mobile with any of our logs – round, square, flat, laminated, ‘D’ log or handmade.

Handbuilt homes

  • Totally Unique
  • Organic Feel
  • Beautiful Homes
  • Built by Craftsmen
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From our factory we can produce these exquisite handmade Log homes, and Cabins. All these buildings are pre made, by hand in the factory, then disassembled, packed and shipped over. These buildings are made by hand by craftsman, mostly taught their skills by their fathers and their fathers before them. You can chose from 300mm (approx.) round logs or 200, flat sided log. The notch is a traditional Scandinavian notch and as each notch is hand scribed they fit perfectly on top of one another. Like all Finlog buildings these are ‘one off’ buildings, but with the handmade building each log is totally unique in size and appearance.

Log Cabin build
Log Cabin build 2
Log Cabin bathroom

Home offices & Garden workshops

Turn up to work happy whether that be in a purpose built office in your garden or just a garden workshop. You will never feel more relaxed than inside a log cabin.

Finlog have built many log home offices for satisfied customers throughout UK, France and even in Tahiti.  If you haven’t designed your office or games room yourself, you could just leave it to us, all you need do is tell us how many people are to work from the office, how many power points you require, IT requirements and any other information you think relevant.  For a games room, 70mm log is the minimum we would recommend.  If you tell us what games you will be using the cabin for ie. table tennis, pool table etc, we can design a garden studio or games room to suit your requirements.

All Finlog log cabins come with an insulated roof and double glazed windows as standard.

We now have a range of contemporary home offices, we have named ‘Opus’, these have been designed with large glass panels, a single pitched roof and as all our log buildings, have solid log walls, insulated roof and are the most environmentally friendly garden buildings available, they not only represent a solid investment and add value to your home they naturally contribute to your life.

  • Can build to any size
  • Warm in winter
  • Fits in with the environment
  • A place to feel’s your own



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